Izzy Cranes is a sole agent of Henan Zhongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd in Namibia.

With their outstanding performance, DLX series, YL Series, YLQ Series and other more under research , Our Drilling rig is sold out to more than 54 countries across the world, we do not sell products we sell convenience and quality.

Drilling rigs are professional machines. They are divided into many types according to different rules.

  • Drilling method: Rotary rig (with mud pump), DTH rig (with air compressor) and combined (with mud pump and air compressor).
  • Drilling depth capacity: Surface sampling rig (2-50m), Shallow rig (50-300m), Middle-deep hole rig (300-600m), deep hole rig (600-6000m), Super-deep hole rig (6000-15000m) etc.
  • Usage: Rock core sampling rig, oil rig, water well rig, mining rig, construction rig etc.
  • Operation site: Above-ground rig, gallery rig, submarine rig etc.

Our DLX series drilling rigs: Designed for rock core sampling & water well drilling above ground, usually only work with mud pump, but could also be used with air compressor. Largest working depth is about 2200m.

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